Open Source Workers

Generic workers

to execute any command available

move files across S3, GCS, FTP, HTTP, local storage

list, remove, copy files

execute AWS action with aws2

Transform JSON to JSON using template (based on jq tool)

A demo/dev worker that sleeps

Python worker to extract text recognized by rs_text_recognition_worker

Media workers

Perform a FFprobe on local or remote videos

Split a media into multiple segments, it can also select a part of the content

Format and refactor subtitles.

Worker to process Transcript using different providers

Manipulate any video and audio formats

Renderer for Object-Based Audio (ITU-R BS.2076-1)

Timed Text converter based on ttconv library

Generator of live HLS (.m3u8) playlist

Artificial Intelligence workers

Detection of objects in video using OpenCV Yolo v3

Txt recognition based on Tesseract library